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Pack 61 is chartered by the Brandon '86 Rotary Club.  Our monthly Pack meetings are held from 7:00pm to 8:00pm on the 1st Thursday of the month at St. Andrews Church.

2011 Raingutter Regatta

Raingutter Regatta Pack 61 2011

When: Date: Disney Campout weekend, November 2011, Time: TBD (the event will last 1-2 hrs)

Where: Disney Campground.

What: The Raingutter Regatta is an annual Pack 61 event. It is a chance to race sailboats that are built from the BSA Raingutter Regatta kit. The race course is a gutter that is approximately 9 feet long and 6 inches wide. The boys put their boats in at the starting point and use a straw to blow wind in the sail of the boat to propel it to the finish line. The boys may use their hands to right their boats but cannot use their hands to propel the boats. There are 4 gutters total, so there will be two race lanes active at a time. Prior to starting the races, we will provide time for the boys to practice propelling their boats, so they develop a feel for how they need to race. Once we start racing,  we will complete the races by age level. The Tigers will race first followed by Wolves, Bears, and Webelos. The top finishers from each age group will then race each other to determine who places first, second, and third. A judge will monitor each race to ensure the boys are adhering to the course rules which primarily focus on not using anything but a straw to propel their boat. Violations of the rules will require a race rerun.


Uniform: Scout t shirt.


Rain Gutter Regatta Official Rules

To ensure that the race is as fair as possible, the following rules are in place:

  • Boats must be made from the BSA Rain Gutter Regatta kits. The hull, mast, and sail provided in the kit must be used
  • Hull may be no longer than 7 inches and not shorter than 6 ½ inches and not wider than 2 and ½ inches.. The boat must remain a single hull boat using the supplied hull wood.  Multi-hull catamarans and boats with stabilizing out-riggers are not allowed.
  • Mast should measure 6 -7 inches from the deck to top of mast.
  • Sail should be no larger than the material supplied in the kit.
  • The keel and rudder must be used without modification. They can be placed where desired but it is recommended that the guidance in the kit be followed.
  • The sail may be glued to the mast or held in place in some other fashion.
  • Boys, when called to race, place boat in gutter and place one hand in front of their sail holding the boat back against the end of the gutter, they hold the straw in their mouths with the other hand and get ready to blow on the word "GO" from the judges.
  • When racing boys are allowed to "upright" their boats with their hands, but, cannot push the boats forward when doing so. We will give one warning and run the particular race over if one boy pushes his boat ahead AND that boat wins.


  • The lighter the boat, the faster it will go. However it can be less stable.
  • Blowing is typically not a matter of how hard, but how straight.
  • Consistent blowing is better than large puffs.
  • Ensure your sail is at least 1/2" off the deck of the boat and clip or round the bottom corners of the sail. These measures ensure that the sail does not rub against the side of the gutter which can cause the boat to drag or get hung.
  • The flatter the hull the more stable the boat will be. Stability is a key to winning the race.
  • Some have had success in placing a groove in the bottom of the boat to help keep the boat going straight.


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